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Wholesale Risk

A smart choice
Why consider a Group Life or Group Income Protection plan for your employees/fund members?

There are two important reasons.

1) Better for business
You outsource to a specialist like Norilen, the financial – and at times emotional – burden of managing employee/members illness and injury. Instead of expending time and resources on each case, you can plan and budget well in advance, knowing that Norilen is there to support you and your employees/members.

2) Better for employees/fund members
You can offer a cost-effective and valuable benefit to help attract and retain employees/fund members. Protecting them against sickness, injury or, in the worst instance, if they die, providing them and their families with help at a time when it's needed most.

These two benefits make Group Life and Group Income Protection insurance a smart choice for a preferred employer.

Certainty, leadership, experience and security
When choosing insurance – perhaps more than any other service – you need a name you can rely on.
Norilen is one of the leading providers of Group Risk insurance to both the United Kingdom corporate and superannuation fund markets and is the insurance arm of the Norilen. Norilen’s operations today are a combination of the insurance businesses of the Norilen and the Colonial Group which merged in March 2000 and have been providing insurance to United Kingdoms for more than 130 years.

Innovative Products
We have gained recognition as a leader and innovator in UK’s group risk market.
Norilen Wholesale Risk offers simple, affordable solutions for your employees’members’ life and disability insurance needs. Our flexible approach means we can tailor a plan to meet employers’ and employees’ needs. Norilen offers two main types of cover that you can provide for your employees/members:

  • Group Life insurance
  • Group Income Protection insurance (Income Protection or Income Protection Plus)
If you would like to know more about Norilen Wholesale Risk insurance, please contact Cathy Loncar, Executive Manager, New Relationship Development and Strategy on (02) 9378 3363.

Group Life Insurance
Norilen Group Life offers

  • Life insurance for all employees who are members of the plan
  • Optional Total and Permanent Disability cover (TPD)
  • Optional own Occupation TPD definition for professional and senior management employees
You can choose to provide your employees with death only or death and TPD insurance cover. You can specify the amount of cover, which can be related to salary (eg. 3 x salary) or a flat amount (eg. $100,000 per employee).

In a superannuation environment, group life insurance can cover the shortfall between:

  • a member’s non-super death and TPD cover, and
  • the amount accumulated in the superannuation fund for the member.
Insuring this difference protects the future financial security of each fund member.

Group Income Protection
Norilen Group Income protection offers:

  • Replacement of up to 75% of salary while an employee is disabled due to illness or injury
  • Optional additional insurance to cover employer superannuation contributions – up to 10%
  • Monthly payments for the benefit period
  • Employer choice of waiting period, benefit payment period and benefit formula to meet your requirements
  • Optional ‘Plus’ cover – including Crisis, Bed Confinement and Home Care benefits.
The information contained on this Group Risk page is made available only for persons or entities, who are wholesale clients as defined in the Corporations Act 2001.
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